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Gentle Touch for Deep Healing

Zero Balancing is a gentle bodywork that addresses a wide range of physical, mental, and emotional issues and helps the body rebalance itself. It is known for clearing chronic tension in muscles and joints and for clearing blockages in the body's energy flow, which allows for an increased feeling of peace and vitality.

Because it works on the energy of the body and the physical structure at the same time, it has been known to calm the nervous system, help with sleep, and reduce joint pain and mobility issues among other things. Zero Balancing can be a great complement to massage, acupuncture, physical therapy, or other modalities.

Balanced Wellness

Zero Balancing

You will meet with your practitioner, Wajida Syed, and discuss your goals. Once the treatment begins, you can expect to relax face up and fully clothed. Your practitioner will begin by assessing for areas of tension throughout your body. During the 45 minute session, she will use firm but gentle touch to effect change in your energy flow and in your physical alignment. Most people fall into a deep rest state during the session. At the end of the visit, patients often report feeling taller, more relaxed, and more integrated. 

$100, 45 minutes

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