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Restore Harmonious Flow

Tui Na, is the ancient system of bodywork used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to relieve pain and restore harmonious flow in the muscles, fascia, and tissues. Literally translated as "push and squeeze", tui na uses differing levels of pressure, applied to the muscles, tendons, acupoints, and Chinese medicine channels to remove obstruction, increase range of movement, and balance the body.


Relaxing and Invigorating, these sessions are effective for both acute injuries and chronic pain. Tui na can be helpful to relax muscle tension, relieve spasm, and reduce the harmful effects of stress. 


Here at Pulse, we use Tui Na in combination with other Traditional Chinese Medicine modalities like cupping, herbal liniments and moxibustion to help you achieve your highest state of flow in body mind and spirit. 

Relaxing & Invigorating.

Enhance the benefits of massage with ancient techniques.


60 or 90 Minute
Classic Tui Na Session

Tui Na is an excellent massage therapy that  rebalances your body using the deeply holistic system of Chinese medicine, leaving your physical, emotional, and mental well-being restored. Your practitioner, Damon Iacovelli, will help you identify your goals and formulate the best treatment plan to help you achieve them.


Cupping is often used in these sessions. Cupping is a traditional form of myofascial release that excels at treating stubborn blockages in the fascia which can lead to reduction of blood flow to surrounding tissues that cause pain.


Tui na is excellent at relieving chronic neck and shoulder tension, lower back pain, headaches, restricted joint movements, and more! 

$115, 60 minutes

$160, 90 minutes

90 Minute
Enhanced Tui Na Session 

Enhanced Tui Na Sessions are Classic Tui Na +  additional therapies, often therapies rooted in Chinese medicine, to facilitate even deeper healing.

Choose between 4 options! 

  • Dynamic Stretching to Release the Joints 

    • with Facilitated Deep Stretching​

  • Overcoming Obstruction

    • with Herbal Liniments​
  • Warm the Channels to Thaw the Pain

    • with Ginger Moxa​

  • ​Return to Harmony ​

    • with QiGong + abdominal massage​

Read detailed descriptions below! 

$180, 90 minutes

Caring healthcare

Ehanced Tui Na Sessions

Tui Na + Facilitated Deep Stretching

Dynamic Stretching to Release Joints

This session combines Tui Na massage with a series of dynamic stretches to untie blockages in the muscle/sinew channels to relieve pain and increase the active range of motion in disabled joints.


After a full Tui Na session, the practitioner will perform the appropriate combination of long, slow, deep stretches on the client to unbind achy, painful joints and restore a healthy range of movement.


This treatment is best for stiff necks, restricted shoulders, chronic bad backs, and inflexible hips that cause pain, poor balance, and limited mobility.

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