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Looking for Nerve Pain Treatments? Why Acupuncture Can Help!

Updated: May 17, 2022

If you’ve been a regular reader of our blogs, you probably know a few benefits of acupuncture. It’s great at relieving pain for all sorts of conditions. But, one thing we constantly get asked is whether acupuncture can help treat nerve pain. The answer is a resounding you better believe it.

Nerve pain (or peripheral neuropathy) occurs when the nerves that connect your brain/spinal cord to the rest of your body (arms, legs, face, organs, etc.) are damaged or destroyed. These peripheral nerves send signals about physical sensations back to your brain. They also ensure your body’s internal functions, like blood circulation and food digestion, work properly.

When damaged, nerve cells take much longer to regenerate than blood or skin cells, so that pain can last for a long, long time. Now, oftentimes, doctors prescribe over-the-counter pain meds like acetaminophen to treat the pain caused by neuropathy, but these can often have adverse side effects. In fact, more and more, acupuncture is becoming a common suggestion for nerve pain treatments as it treats the root of the issue. Not only that, but acupuncture releases endorphins, which are the body’s natural pain killers.

According to TCM, neuropathy occurs when there is a blockage of energy and blood within the body. Acupuncture is excellent when it comes to nerve pain treatments by restoring that flow so our nerve cells can receive the energy they need to regenerate. This is especially true with smaller nerves, which are more easily repaired. It may take some time and a few sessions to see results, but we have observed it work repeatedly. Not only is acupuncture good for neuropathy, but it can also work wonders for people suffering from Bell's Palsy or even sciatica.

Interested in learning more about nerve pain treatments like acupuncture? Ready to experience nerve pain treatments first-hand (or first needle)? Schedule an appointment and see what we’re talking about.

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