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          I'm Anjuli.

My Story


After completing my Master’s in Acupuncture at Maryland University of Integrative in 2019, I was fortunate to participate in a 3 month fellowship at Mend Acupuncture in Baltimore, where I went on to work in their community clinic. I think community acupuncture has a magic all it’s own! I feel moved and inspired by the power and precision of Chinese Medicine, and compelled to ensure that it is an accessible healthcare option for those seeking a wide range of relief, support and healing. I am currently completing a year-long course focusing on the use of East Asian medicine in resolving different types of traumatic stress held in our neurology and tissue.


I aim to practice acupuncture with a profound trust in the intelligence of natural systems. I was fortunate to grow up in a multigenerational context that placed significant emphasis on traditional wisdom and healing, faith, balance and care. With deep gratitude to my ancestors from Kerala, South India, who have known the simplicity and complexity of living in sync with nature’s rhythms way before you could get a degree in it! I have come to view healing and self/community-care as radical activism in a culture where those things are not necessarily given much space or credence.  


When not professionally poking people, I love dancing, conversing with friendly trees and plants (especially in my growing garden), visiting horses and time spent with my big beautiful family of relatives and friends.

Anjuli George, L.Ac.

Licensed Acupuncturist 


Community Acupuncture


Wednesday 1-7:30 

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