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Wednesdays, 6-7pm
Jan. 10 - Feb. 17

About the Class

As we dip into the quiet of winter, Pulse would like to offer a space to cultivate your inner quiet through a community meditation class. Chinese medicine teaches us to take our cues from nature about how to be adaptive and well in every season.


The season of winter brings an invitation for deep inner stillness and restoration, to fill up our inner reserves for the more warm, active, and outward times of the year.


Together, we will learn and practice through gentle movement, attention to our senses and breathing, and some guided and quiet meditation to better tune into our own nervous system and find the ways that we can be supported by a meditation practice.


Meditation helps us to cultivate an inner witness and grow the space between what's happening in and around us and how we are responding. No previous experience is required and we will co-create a safe space to be able to show up as we are and practice together. 

Inner Peace
& Vitality 

Align & Connect
with Yourself, with Nature.

Wednesdays, Jan. 10 - Feb. 7 
6pm - 7pm 

This is a 5-week series, but drop ins are welcome at any time.

Maximum capacity is 10 people.

Drop in: $22 per class

5-Class Series: $108


About your Facilitator

Anjuli has been working in Pulse's Community Clinic for 3 years and is excited to bring a new practice to heal together.


She grew up in a family of meditators and has been a grateful member of a women's meditation group for over 10 years. Having learned and practiced many different meditation styles and techniques over the years, she has a growing faith in following the body's wisdom and shaping our own attention to make our life a more loving and habitable place for us to live in. 

Read more about Anjuli here.

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